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Martha’s Vineyard’s Tallship – Alabama Season Review…

The Schooner Alabama had a lovely 2022 sailing season on Martha’s Vineyard. As Martha’s Vineyard’s historic tallship, Alabama hosted hundreds of guests including many happy families on their summer vacations. The sailing weather was mostly delightful with consistent breezes and minimal fog or stormy conditions. The Alabama hosted many private charters including family gatherings, wedding events and corporate events. Sunset sails were more popular than ever with guests making memories that will last forever. Vineyard Haven Harbor continues to be an epicenter for wooden vessels and Alabama is proud to be able to keep America’s maritime traditions and history alive. Alabama continues her operation under the watchful eye of Captain Robert S. Douglas, the founder of The Black Dog Tavern, and former master of The Tallship Shenandoah for over 55 years. Alabama now swings on her mooring in the harbor….many thanks to all who helped to make 2022 a success.