Shenandoah Foundation

At sail


Since the day of her launching on February 15th, 1964 the Shenandoah has sailed the waters of Southeastern New England continuing the traditions and telling the stories of American seagoing excellence. Currently, there is no better example available as Shenandoah remains the world’s only non-auxiliary square-topsail schooner, sailing as one would during the mid-19th century, the “golden age of sail.”

Throughout her “windjamming” career, she has carried more than 15,000 passengers covering almost every conceivable harbor throughout New England’s premier cruising waters, treating her passengers to unmatched access into a lifestyle shared by very few. The SHENANDOAH Foundation has been created to insure the future of this landmark vessel and to further the programs allowing its passengers the opportunity to enjoy, live aboard and learn the magic of this experience.

The Future

The best way to predict the future is to create it…

The Foundation will strive to:

  • Continue the vision of Shenandoah’s designer and master, Robert S. Douglas and use his knowledge as the curriculum’s template.
  • Establish Shenandoah’s recognition as one of the finest examples of sailing ships in the world.
  • Raise funds and solidify Shenandoah’s various maintenance needs through creative ventures.
  • Manage a professional organization based on prudent business principles.
  • Create relationships with businesses and organizations to further the Foundation’s fund-raising efforts, recognition and exposure.
  • Continue to underwrite the cost for discounted Sailing School programs

Come Aboard

Throughout each sailing season the Shenandoah Foundation will sponsor events for the public to come aboard this one of a kind vessel for free tours and instructional workshops with the captain and crew. Among the Foundation’s goals is to further the exposure of this magnificent and historical vessel and to present the public the opportunity to view and experience the Shenandoah first-hand.

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